Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments adults make in their lives. Selling the home you have invested your time and hard-earned money into is equally as important. No one wants to feel like they didn’t benefit from their investment, or worse yet, realize that they don’t have the funds to move on to a bigger and better home after the sale closes.

That’s why the services of a seasoned Pennsylvania real estate attorney are indispensable in the sales process. With your future and money on the line, an attorney can help to curb any potential issues before they hurt your bottom line.

How Real Estate Sales Lawyers Help

The D’Intino Law Firm has been operating in the Philadelphia area for over a decade and can help secure the best possible outcome in your real estate sale. Though it may seem like a straightforward process, the longer you have owned your home, the more issues you may need to resolve before selling it. These issues can include:


You must have a clear title to complete the sale of your property. If there are any outstanding liens, you won’t be able to get there. An attorney can make sure all lien holders get paid correctly and that your title reflects the removal of the liens as they are satisfied.

Estate Sales

If you inherited a home after the death of a loved one, an attorney can help you sort through ownership records and guide you through the sales process. They can also assist with competing interests if other family members also inherited a property interest in the same residence.

Short Sales

Lenders don’t make selling your property for less than you owe on the mortgage easy. An experienced real estate attorney can help navigate the short sale with your bank and clear a path toward closing.

Hire an Experienced Pennsylvania Real Estate Lawyer

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