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John D'Intino, Jr. is a seasoned and highly accomplished Trial Attorney who is deeply committed to serving individuals in Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania counties. With a focus on Criminal Law, Personal Injury, and Real Estate Law, Mr. D'Intino has established a remarkable track record of success in defending a diverse range of cases. 

Having obtained his Bachelor of Arts & Science from Temple University, Mr. D'Intino went on to pursue his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University, completing his studies in May 1997. As a Pennsylvania Licensed Realtor, he brings a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry to his legal practice, offering guidance to buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial transactions. Additionally, Mr. D'Intino is well-versed in handling landlord/tenant matters, zoning and land use, residential closing documents, as well as finding resolutions for foreclosure and short sale situations. 

Mr. D'Intino began his professional journey as an associate of the esteemed Law Offices of Charles Peruto. Jr., where he honed his skills by passionately representing clients in misdemeanor and felony cases. His extensive experience extends beyond criminal law, encompassing personal injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, and real estate transactions.

With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of professional service, John D'Intino Jr. remains dedicated to fiercely protecting the rights and interests of his clients, while offering them the compassionate guidance they deserve throughout their legal proceedings. 

Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Real Estate , throughout Pennsylvania

Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Real Estate Law

At D'Intino Law Firm, LLC, we provide the following legal services.

Criminal Defense

Work With a Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is never an easy feeling when you or a loved one is arrested, under investigation or charged with a crime. If you or a loved one need an honest, assertive, and experienced criminal defense attorney in the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania areas, D'Intino Law Firm, LLC has got your back. Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney John D'Intino, Jr. has vast experience defending clients in all courts throughout Pennsylvania in many criminal cases such as assault, drug charges, DUI and DWI, sex crimes, robbery, and more. Facing a criminal charge could affect you for the rest of your life – but it doesn't have to.  

At D'Intino Law Firm, LLC, I firmly believe our clients deserve fair and aggressive representation in court.  Mr. D'Intino is a tough Criminal Defense attorney who will stand by you every step of the way, work tirelessly to discredit any evidence and personally work with you to build a strong defense and determine the best course of action.

Contact our offices today if you are charged with:

  • Gun or Weapons Charge 
  • Simple & Aggravated Assault
  • DUI/DWI 
  • Rape/Sexual Assault 
  • Violation of Probation or Parole (Gagnon I and II Hearings) 
  • Conspiracy
  • Expungements 
  • Drug Offenses/ Possession or Distribution of Narcotics 
  • Theft & Robbery 
  • Domestic Crimes/Protection from Abuse
  • Fraud
  • Bail Hearings 
  • Preliminary Hearings 

D'Intino Law Firm also has extensive experience in assisting clients through the state of Pennsylvania.  If you are currently facing charges or have questions about whether you could benefit from securing an attorney or legal advice, contact D'Intino Law Firm, LLC today to find out more about the benefits of having a professional, experienced attorney at your side.

Real Estate

Philadelphia's Dependable Real Estate Law Firm

If you are buying or selling real property, involved in a real estate law conflict, contemplating a real estate transaction, or loan restructuring, it's necessary for you to know your rights and fully understand them. Attorney John D'Intino, Jr. has vast experience in real estate representing buyers, sellers, investors and developers of property involved in residential, new constructions, developments, and multi-family homes. Mr. D'Intino's mission is to prevent costly disputes from arising over conflicting contractual provisions, clauses and requirements.

Mr. D'Intino can assist clients with a full spectrum of real estate concerns, including:

  • Buying and Selling Real Estate
  • Negotiating and Litigating Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Real Estate Development
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Residential Closing Documents
  • Resolving Foreclosures and Short Sales

A Partner You Can Trust

John D'Intino has been (Real Estate License Number RS315398) operating in the Philadelphia area for over a decade. His license is actively listed with EXP Realty, and his experience with complex legal issues that can arise during real estate transactions make him an ideal partner when you need real estate consultation. Clients who are looking to purchase, sell, or lease residential properties will find a partner they can trust at D'Intino Law Firm.

Custom Solutions

When you work with the D'Intino Law Firm, you get the best of both worlds – trusted and knowledgeable real estate guidance delivered by an experienced and effective litigator. John D'Intino knows the nuances of the real estate market in Philadelphia and understands all of the legal issues that may arise during different types of transactions. This experience allows him to help clients position themselves so that they can proceed through the deal from a favorable position. 

Personal Injury

D'Intino Law Firm is devoted to protecting the rights of victims who have suffered severe injuries resulting from the negligent, wrongful or intentional conduct of at-fault parties. As seasoned veteran, Mr. D'Intino represented hundreds of clients in a vast array of personal injury cases. 

The causes of personal injury may result from many different accidents that can cause serious medical consequences for the victim. Whether you have been injured in an automobile accident, had something fall on you at work, or lost a loved one in a wrongful death incident, the D'Intino Law Firm, LLC in Pennsylvania is dedicated to helping you understand your rights and serve as your assertive, skilled representative in courts of law.

Call D'Intino Law Firm for a free legal case evaluation today – we will provide you the support you need for your Philadelphia Personal Injury case.

* Automobile Accidents (including truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents)

* Tractor Trailer Accidents 

* Slip and Falls

* Medical Malpractice 

* Wrongful Death

* Traumatic Brain Injuries

* Failure to Diagnose

* Faulty Medical Devices

* Construction Accidents

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Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Real Estate Lawyer

About D'Intino Law Firm, LLC

Why You Can Trust D'Intino Law Firm, LLC

Since founding the law firm, John has worked tirelessly to build his firm from the ground up, developing a reputation as a tough attorney and a willingness to fight for the needs of those he represents.  John D'Intino, Jr. is a seasoned attorney who has consistently represented clients throughout Pennsylvania in a variety of legal matters. During his professional career, John has successfully defended a multitude of cases. D'Intino Law Firm, LLC has developed into a high-powered litigation firm that focuses on criminal defense, real estate and personal injury cases. When you choose D'Intino Law Firm, you can trust that you will receive top-quality legal counsel. Mr. D'Intino will work tirelessly, both inside and outside the courtroom, to achieve the best possible results for his clients.

When it comes to criminal law, the D'Intino Law Firm is your trusted advisor, offering sound legal advice and ensuring you understand all your options. Facing legal charges or investigations can be daunting, which is why you need a skilled and experienced representative by your side. With extensive experience navigating the legal system in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania, the D'Intino Law Firm provides the expertise you need for your criminal defense case. Whether it's assault, DUI, DWI, robbery, sex crimes or drug cases, Mr. D'Intino's knowledge and commitment will guide you through the challenging time, ensuring your rights are protected. 

For personal injury cases, Mr. D'Intino brings skilled experience to your side. Dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have suffered severe injuries due to other's wrongful conduct, we are here to help you understand your rights and provide exceptional representation in mediation and court. We understand the long-term implications of personal injury, including the impact on your ability to work and ongoing medical expenses. Out goal is to help you navigate the legal process, while ensuring your rights to a fair settlement are safeguarded.

Buying and selling real estate is a common practice. However, when the transaction does not go as planned, you will likely need legal help to navigate the process of addressing conflicts. Over the years, Attorney John D'Intino Jr. has represented buyers and sellers in a variety of ways, including assisting in drafting and reviewing contracts, buying and selling residential properties, understanding and negotiating residential and commercial leases, and litigating landlord and tenant disputes. If you are facing foreclosure, then Attorney John D'Intino Jr. can help you navigate this process or work with you to complete a short sale. With a wide breadth of experience in real estate law, Attorney John D'Intino Jr. is well equipped to navigate potential conflicts and ensure a smooth legal process. 

With my focus on continual education and professional growth, Attorney John D'Intino Jr. is familiar with the latest changes to applicable law and any relevant precedents regarding your case, regardless of whether your case involves Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, or Personal Injury. Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your case and explore the legal options available to you.

Why Choose D'Intino Law Firm

When making significant, life-impacting decisions, it's crucial to have an attorney who listens, thoroughly examines the facts, and provides the best possible solution for your future. At D'Intino Law Firm, we prioritize your needs and offer personalized counsel tailored to your unique circumstances.


Mr. D'Intino understands how devastating a personal injury or a pending criminal case can be on one's life. At the D'Intino Law Firm, John develops real connections with clients. He puts complex legal issues into language that you can easily understand. He works hard to help his clients in every situation and makes sure that they fully understand the process they are going through.  

Affordable Representation

D'Intino Law Firm offers affordable representation for every client. There are no hidden fees, and I offer a Free Consultation review of your case. I give each new case the attention it deserves. As your attorney, I am happy to answer any questions you have and I will work closely with you so that you can make the right decisions about your legal needs.  Contact the D'Intino Law Firm today.

Proven Track Record

Your legal matters are important to me. The D'Intino Law Firm can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. I pride myself on being able to support clients with a diverse number of problems.  Mr. D'Intino has the knowledge, expertise, experience and reputation to represent you in your personal injury or criminal case. He is not afraid to go to trial and fight to get the best possible results for his clients.

Our Clients Are Our Best Ambassadors
Overall 5 star rating

  • Highly Recommended
    I was a client of Mr. John D'Intino, Jr. and found his services meeting the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity. He truly cares about his clients, is responsive to their needs, offers excellent solutions, but also listens intently when needed. I was very happy with the out.

  • Amazing Criminal Defense Attorney
    Working with John D’intino was a complete blessing to our family. From the very first phone call he has kept it completely honest and professional. He helped our family immensely and we can’t find the right words to express our gratitude to him and his firm. I recommend anyone who needs an amazing criminal defense attorney to call him, you will not be disappointed guaranteed!! Thank you, John, for all you did for us you don’t know how grateful we are.

  • He is the real deal!
    Guys, if you're looking for a good criminal defense Attorney John D'Intino Jr., Esq. of D'Intino Law Firm, will take care of you. John D'Intino has all the criteria you expect from an Attorney. John is dependable, and honest, you will always receive a prompt return call, John comes prepared and is very professional. Attorney D'Intino just represented my son on a case, I thought was impossible to get a good outcome, but John D'Intino Jr., had the charges withdrawn. He has represented my family on other issues, and we have always been pleased with every outcome. John is the real deal.

  • Bulldog in the courtroom

    John is aggressive, thorough and efficient. He's very soft spoken in conversation but a total bulldog in the courtroom. I highly recommend John D'Intino.

  • Very satisfied customer
    John has represented me on a couple of occasions. He is very professional and prompt in providing answers to any questions. John is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer.

  • Vito F. Canuso, Jr., Esquire

    I have worked with and have referred clients to John D'Intino, Esq., over the past few years. I have found him to be a hardworking, capable attorney who always has the best interest in his clients while providing the excellent service and legal advice.

  • Excellent

    John represented me in a real estate dispute in Pennsylvania He was very detail orientated and helped guide me through the mediation process as an out-of-state participant. He is very knowledgeable of the law and gave me clear recommendations on how to proceed. His rates were very reasonable and ...

  • Highly Recommend

    I had the best experience with your firm. John was very persistent and helpful in my case. He push very hard, was very consistent and perseverant through my process. I'm very happy with the results. Highly recommended. Thank you John D'Intino.    

  • Professional and Responsive

    The best attorney, he handled my wife and I's needs and was very friendly, professional and responsive. I felt very warmed with every conversation. He is an amazing person and an amazing attorney!! We are glad we called him!!! We are clients for life!!

  • True Pro!

    John and his team have done a fantastic job for us. John is always responsive and make me feel like I am his most important client. I always recommend John to my friends and family because I know he will take care of them. he is a true pro.

  • Best Real Estate Attorney in Philly

    John D'Intino is one of the city's best! His attention to detail, personal service and knowledge of the law are on point! There is not a better real estate attorney in Philly in my opinion.

  • Subject Matter Expert

    John is a 10 out of 10 subject matter experts in landlord tenant law. John made sure to stay on-top of all fillings and court dates that I had until the job was done 10 out of 10 rating great job John!

  • Intelligent and Professional

    John really took care of us his Representation of our case was done Intelligently and very professional he always reached out to us, and we always knew what was going on. When we called John, we received a return call promptly he's really a go to Attorney. I would highly recommend him.  

  • Wonderful Experience

    We had a wonderful experience working with John D'Intino and his law practice. John is a very personable, competent, professional lawyer who handled our real estate transaction seamlessly. He was extremely thorough and efficient in reviewing and explaining each step of the process. He always took...

  • Great attorney!

    Great attorney! John is very knowledgeable and is always quick to respond. He has done a great job at handling my landlord tenant matters and other business issues. I highly recommend!

  • Professional

    John has always responded promptly to my calls. My experience with the D'Intino Law Firm has been professional and always made me feel that I was important to them. I always tell my friends, and business contacts if you need a lawyer. Then you need John D'Intino.

  • Attention to Detail

    Mr. D'Intino is a very patient and knowledgeable attorney. He will give you the time and attention you need without hesitation. Mr. D'Intino returns all of his client calls promptly. Each case is given his personal attention to detail. I would not hesitate to hire him for any legal matter.

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