The real estate market can be complex on a multitude of levels.  Often transactions require a realtor plus an attorney to handle legal issues to make sure the deal is solid and beneficial to the client.  If you are selling, buying, or investing in real estate in Philadelphia or surrounding counties, why not use a realtor who is also a real estate attorney at no additional cost? We only get a commission if and when you sell or buy your home…..

There’s no doubt about it—buying or selling a house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. 

Of course, purchasing a home, especially when you are becoming a first-time homeowner, is an incredibly exciting prospect—but so can selling your home be, since it signifies a brand new beginning. Either way, if you are entering a different stage of your life that requires a shift in your living situation, it’s almost certain that you’re going to feel some doubts and anxieties along the way. Read on to learn the one step that will ease your stress and elevate your excitement during the entire process. 

What Makes House-Hunting (and -Buying) Such a Hassle?

Myriad factors contribute to the mixed emotions that many people feel while searching for a new home. Let’s look at just a few:

  • First and perhaps most importantly, there’s a tremendous amount of money at stake. 
  • From the mortgage pre-approval to the closing, each step of the homebuying process builds upon the last, upping the ante—and your anxiety level.
  • It’s fraught with multiple considerations and details that you must juggle in your head (and spreadsheets) as you make a series of important decisions.
  • It’s a major decision that will impact all areas of your life and for years to come.
  • Buying real estate is complex, with serious legal and financial repercussions lurking at every turn.
  • Home buying often accompanies other high-stress changes in one’s life: relocating to a different area, switching jobs, getting married or divorced, or having a child.   

Most of these factors are also applicable if you are a seller. You want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Ideally, your home would sell relatively quickly rather than staying on the market for a long time. Naturally, you want to recoup as much of your investment—both the initial home purchase and whatever remodels or additions you’ve made—as you can. 

If you want your home purchase to be worth all of that anxiety and upheaval, it’s imperative to work with professionals rather than trying to go it on your own. Enlisting experts can not only assist you in achieving the best possible results, but they can also help ease the pressure that this process invariably creates.  

At a minimum, you’ll require a real estate agent, possibly an attorney, a mortgage loan originator, and an inspector. 

If that sounds like a lot—well, it is. But there’s a better way. 

Hire A Real Estate Agent Who’s Also an Attorney

What if you could hire one professional to do the work of two, say, the real estate agent and the lawyer? You can, and his name is John D’Intino Jr., His dual expertise provides clients with the best of both worlds: someone who knows the local housing market and the potential pitfalls that buyers can face, and who also understands the complexities of real estate law. Securing his services means that you’ll be in the most favorable position possible when it comes to negotiating. Additionally, you can avoid time delays, problems with communication, and costly disputes. 

Meet Attorney John D’Intino Jr.

Moreover, Attorney John D’Intino Jr. (Real Estate License Number RS315398) has been helping clients in the Philadelphia region for over a decade. As a result, he has substantial experience in several aspects of the real-estate market:

  • Negotiating the best possible deal for both residential and commercial buyers and sellers.
  • Representing clients, sellers, and buyers, at the settlement or closing of the property and providing legal advice if a contractual dispute arises.
  • Navigating the unique complications surrounding the construction or acquisition of condominiums, cooperatives, and planned unit communities.
  • Facilitating construction projects, as well as providing transactional or litigation services in the event of construction contract disputes.
  • Assisting with loan modifications, if necessary, to avoid foreclosure and determine the best path forward for clients experiencing financial challenges. 

In short, Attorney D’Intino is well-versed in every facet of real estate and real estate law and can therefore provide every client with a custom solution to their singular circumstances.

The Biggest (and Best) Benefit of All

When you work with a real estate agent, no matter how many houses they’ve sold or closings they’ve attended, they still don’t have the expertise or experience necessary to make complicated, in-depth legal decisions. They aren’t qualified to offer advice in this area, save the same type of anecdotal advice that you could receive from a friend or coworker. 

In this scenario, they’ll encourage their client to consult with a lawyer. Doing so, of course, will incur yet another expense for the already overextended homebuyer or seller. 

Let’s be very clear about this point. A real estate agent can not offer you legal advice—unless that agent is also a lawyer. 

Working with an agent who also happens to be an attorney is an expedient, cost-effective, all-around ideal choice. From a practical standpoint, working with a realtor who is also a lawyer like Mr. D’Intino makes perfect sense. It saves time, confusion, and unnecessary action—to say nothing of the extraordinary financial savings you’ll see. It really is like getting two professionals for the fee of only one.

Why Wouldn’t You Make This Decision?

Moreover, this smart choice means that your stress level will stay substantially lower than it otherwise would if you had to hire both an attorney and a real estate professional.

And with double the investment in your endeavor, it’s guaranteed that Mr. D’Intino will bring his A-game. It’s a win-win for both of you—or should that be a “win-win-win”? 

There’s really no downside to this decision. If you are buying a home, why wouldn’t you hire a real estate agent who is also an attorney? If you are selling a home, why wouldn’t you hire a real estate agent who is also an attorney?

Closing Thoughts

At the heart of any real estate transaction lies a litany of legal elements and requirements, often confusing but crucial for buyers and sellers to understand. Attorney John D’Intino Jr. is an invaluable advisor to potential homeowners, helping them make informed decisions throughout the colossal undertaking that is selling or purchasing a house.

As an accomplished professional who can wear both legal and real-estate hats—and look good in both of them—Mr. D’Intino will streamline the entire complex operation, advise you based on your one-of-a-kind situation, and ultimately help you either to buy a better home at a better price, and with better terms, or to sell your home and negotiate favorable terms.