Those suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) frequently experience life-altering changes that devastate the injured person and their family. TBIs can range in severity and are rated based on the Glasgow Coma Scale. Depending on the score, TBIs are categorized as follows:

  • Severe – less than 8 points
  • Moderate – between 8 and 12 points
  • Mild – between 12 and 15 points

Mild TBIs, like concussions, can have a significant impact on a person’s immediate quality of life. Those who suffer from concussions will probably incur medical expenses and could experience emotional instability in addition to nausea or dizziness that may prevent them from participating in regular activities for a time. Although mild TBIs aren’t usually life-threatening, they can be life-altering.

In contrast, those with severe TBIs may struggle with speech or mobility. In very severe cases, these individuals never regain consciousness after their injury.

Long Term Costs of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Moderate and severe TBIs can result in life-long problems ranging from inability to work to extensive and ongoing healthcare needs. When another person’s wrongful actions or negligence caused you or your loved one’s TBI, you deserve restitution.

According to the CDC, only 26% of TBI sufferers will improve over five years, while 30% will grow worse. Tragically, 22% of those who suffer a moderate to severe TBI will succumb to their injury and lose their life. The costs of a moderate or severe TBI are exorbitant and can total hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care alone. Loss of income is another monumental financial component.

Financial Restitution for Traumatic Brain Injuries

While accidents happen, many TBIs can be attributed to another’s negligence or reckless behavior. Car accidents, workplace injuries, physical assault, and even medical malpractice can be sources of a traumatic brain injury. When another has caused you harm, you deserve to be made financially whole.

At D’Intino Law Firm, we understand that nothing can fully restore you to the life you or your loved one lived before experiencing a traumatic brain injury. We do know, however, that without financial security, your circumstances will be even more difficult. To learn how our experienced law office can help you, call 267-491-9111 for a free consultation today.