By itself, illegal drug manufacturing in Pennsylvania carries stiff penalties. Simply growing a few marijuana plants, for instance, can result in six months in prison and up to a six-month fine. That’s for a first offense. If you’re convicted of manufacturing harder substances, Schedule I and II drugs, you could be facing as much as fifteen years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

However, in most cases, the police don’t just charge you with manufacturing. You’ll also likely face charges of possession or possession with intent to deliver. Possession with intent is an automatic felony with its own maximum penalties of 3 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Even if you should receive a relatively light sentence, it’s important to recognize that a drug-related conviction can change your life forever. In this age of background checks, a criminal conviction can keep you from finding adequate housing or even prevent you from getting a job.

Don’t take such charges lightly. You need a knowledgeable, experienced attorney by your side.

What Can John D’Intonio Do for You?

John D’Intino Jr. has years of experience defending clients just like you from drug manufacturing charges. And make no mistake: you do have options when it comes to defending yourself.

  • Lack of possession: It may be the drugs in question didn’t belong to you.
  • Licensed manufacturer: You may be licensed to manufacture the drug.
  • Lack of intent: To convict you, a prosecutor must be able to prove you intended to traffic the drugs.
  • Lack of knowledge: You can’t be convicted if you didn’t know what you were doing.
  • Unlawful search: The police can and do make mistakes, and if they made one in your case, it could help keep you from being convicted.

While these approaches might help you avoid a conviction or lessen your sentence, your defense will depend on your specific situation. The important thing to remember is that if you’ve been caught manufacturing drugs, you need professional legal help. Only an experienced attorney knows how to craft the right legal strategy, how to keep a prosecutor from taking advantage of you by piling on spurious charges, and how to ensure your rights haven’t been violated.

If you’ve been charged with drug manufacturing, don’t wait: call John D’Intino Jr. now. There’s too much at stake to trust your future to anyone else.

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